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Natural dog joint supplement for stiff and older dogs. Joint Mobility can help keep the dog you love happily on the move for longer.

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Containing human grade ingredients of the highest quality: Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help with lubricating joints and the formation, rebuilding and maintenance of healthy joint cartilage, Boswellia and Turmeric (Curcumin) to soothe swelling and aches associated with stiff joints, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM) to help to keep muscles supple and maintain elasticity in joints, Manganese and Vitamins C and E to aid mobility.


Is your dog reluctant to walk, jump or play? Do they have difficulty getting up after a rest? Are they lagging behind more and more on walks? Getting stiffer might be a part of ageing, but your dog does not have to live with it. Daily use of Joint Mobility helps get your dog back on its feet and enjoying walks again. It aids stiff joints, supports your dog’s hips and joint structure and promotes increased mobility.


Do not wait until your dog needs help! Suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Joint Mobility helps maintain flexibility of movement throughout your dog’s life and is useful as a preventive food supplement for younger dogs to help them stay active as they grow older.


Why pay up to £80 a month on expensive alternatives? Joint Mobility is a fraction of the price, and one bottle can last for up to 4 months. Being natural, it also has no known side effects.


We do not compromise on quality. Joint Mobility is proudly made in the UK, using natural human grade ingredients of the highest quality. It is manufactured to the GMP standard, in premises having gained BRC accreditation grade A for global food standards.


What Our Customers Think

162 reviews for Joint Mobility

  1. Donna (verified buyer)

    Good correspondence from company quick delivery. Not sure if any improvement yet as it is still early days

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  2. David A. (verified buyer)

    Very good

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  3. Paul Longworth (verified buyer)

    I think that the product is helping he is moving better

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  4. Gareth Davies (verified buyer)

    Both dogs have more active and happier in themselves since using the joint mobility tablets.

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  5. Julie Walker (verified buyer)

    Been on a month now much improved

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  6. Anonymous (verified buyer)

    Quick service , the dog is doing great on them might even start taking them myself

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  7. Gillian Corcoran (verified buyer)

    Our little spoocker honey was suffering from a problem with her back leg, she was only running on three legs, and once she lay down for a while, struggled to get up and walk. She was on the tablets for a few days, and the difference was remarkable. She is running around playing with her sister.

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  8. Kelly (verified buyer)

    Very pleased been using these for a few months now, my dog seems more comfortable & less stiff in doing so.

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  9. Doug F. (verified buyer)

    Real improvement in our dogs mobility great product excellent service

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  10. Claire Napper (verified buyer)

    My 14 year old collie x Labrador has been on these since just before Christmas, SOMETHING is making her more lively so I’m ordering 2 more boxes! Really quick to arrive as well, ordered 15th Dec late in the day & arrived 1st thing on the 17th!

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  11. Sheila (verified buyer)

    Highly recommend product and the fast fabulous service from The Dog Company. Our nearly 14 year old collie has renewed vitality. It made a noticeable difference within a couple of weeks. Checked product with vet and he absolutely advocated it too. Said he had taken something very similar (human version) himself to good effect following a rugby injury! Hearing lots of excellent reports from several people.

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  12. alison (verified buyer)

    Before we rescued him our Flatcoat had a few nasty injuries inflicted on him when he was a puppy, one of which was a broken hip, he is now nearly 8 and walks with quite limp. Our vet recommended this product and we have seen a great improvement in him. Thank You

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  13. Chrissie (verified buyer)

    This product seems to be helping my owd lab a great deal !!! I read the reviews and was a little sceptical, however he’s definitely more mobile which is fantastic to see!!!
    This was also my first order with The Dog Company and I can honestly say I would give them five stars!! Easy to use website and fast efficient service! What more can you ask!!

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  14. Jean (verified buyer)

    Excellent seller, always quick delivery and our 13yr jack russell is a new dog thank you. I have recommended product to other dog owners thank you

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  15. Mike French (verified buyer)

    Rosie is a 11-year-old long-haired miniature dachshund and she is benefiting on the one a day joint supplement.

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